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Visit the bridge and destroy others in new Star Trek Online videos


Atari has released some new videos of Star Trek Online. The first, embedded above, is a detailed look at the game's space combat. In it, the developers at Cryptic discuss the overall thrust of combat and also the many things that players can do to customize their ships. Everything from ship type to different equipment to a player's choice of bridge officers has an impact on combat effectiveness. Oh, and once again, there's a Borg cube. Only this time ... it explodes.

After the break, find a quick trailer showcasing the ability for players to visit their ship's bridge. Thrill as you watch your avatar stand up and point at the view screen! Just try to keep it quiet when muttering the words, "Make it so." The video also touches on ground combat, visits alien landscapes and throws in some phasers and explosions for good measure. Enjoy.

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