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Wowhead's new item page now even newer

Eliah Hecht

Wowhead has been a go-to site to track what's going on on the PTR for quite some time, and now there's even more reason to go there. Their improved new items in patch 3.3 page features the following improvements:

  • Categorization by item level, with breakdowns for the five levels of items that are coming at us (219, 232, 251, 264, and 277).
  • You can now filter the new items and search within them.
  • Items are also sortable.

And this isn't a new feature, but it bears mentioning, at least if you're a major news geek like me: you can get an RSS feed of the new items added to the Wowhead database. If you wanted to you could probably hook this up to Twitter, or put it on your blog, or whatever.

Anyway, if you want to know what items are coming at us along with Icecrown Citadel, I think there's no better place to be. What items are you most excited about?

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