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Free Champions Online expansion on Nov. 24, plus free-to-play Thanksgiving weekend

Once again, Cryptic Studios is giving you a great excuse not to spend time with friends and family over a holiday weekend. The developer's superheroic MMO, Champions Online, will be free-to-play from November 26–30 as a promotion for the game's second free content expansion since its launch in September.

The free update, which is titled Nemesis Confrontation and launches November 24, will include new costumes and perks, and tasks players with escaping from a hostile intergalactic prison -- a mission made much more difficult by the facility's unfriendly inhabitants, seen above. You'll also face off against the Shadow Destroyer (the party responsible for your hero's unrequested detention) and even your user-generated Nemesis. Sounds like a pretty dangerous calling -- but nowhere near as perilous as the crushing throng of Black Friday shoppers that awaits you at your local mall.

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