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iBUYPOWER's Chimera 2 Gaming System has flames on the outside, liquid cooling on the inside

Tim Stevens

Need a gaming rig but don't like aliens, dragons, or mystic healers? How do you feel about creatures that are themselves made up of the parts of other creatures? That's the mythological inspiration for iBUYPOWER's latest creation, the Chimera 2. It's a Core i7- or AMD Phenom II-packing, SSD storage-using, DDR3-memorizing powerhouse that's covered in a lovely flame job -- marred by a somewhat silly fanged head on the side. Prices start at a rather reachable $999 if you don't mind a (relatively) lowly Core i5 processor and Radeon HD 5750 graphics, but with a few tweaks you'll quickly quadruple that figure. Such is the way of the gaming rig, child: let thy finger not check too many options lest thy credit suffer the pains of thine exuberance.

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