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MS announces incoming Games on Demand, Deals of the Week


Heading into the Thanksgiving weekend and the beginning of the holiday season, Microsoft has revealed the upcoming additions to Games on Demand and Deals of the Week. On November 23, Games on Demand will see three new entries, Saints Row 2, LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures and Battlefield: Bad Company.

The same week, there will actually be three Deals of the Week. The Fable II DLC "See the Future," normally 560 ($7) will be knocked down to 400 ($5). Meanwhile, Death Tank, usually 1200 ($15), will be reduced to 800 ($10). As The best deal, however, will be the excellent puzzler Peggle, which will shoot from 800 ($10) to 400 ($5). Pair that with the recently released Peggle Nights expansion (400), and you've got a lot of sweet, sweet Peggle for only $10.

As revealed earlier, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 will the Deal of the Week starting November 30. It will be reduced from 400 ($5) to 240 ($3).

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