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Newman's A36HD PMP keeps things slim, out of North America


China's Newman is nothing if not prolific, and it's now introduced yet another new PMP that continues its trend of nondescript designs and limited availability 'round these parts. At just 8mm thick, however, the company's new A36HD device should at least turn a few more heads than the usual fare, and it doesn't look to have cut too many corners to make that happen. That includes a 3-inch, non-touchscreen display, 4GB or 8GB of storage, a microSD card slot for more, support for 720p video output, and support for the usual range of audio / video formats (including FLAC lossless audio), among other basics. Not exactly a reason to go on an importing bender, to be sure -- but if this one just speaks to you for some reason, you can get your order in at the link below.

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