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OGPlanet announces the launch of Lunia Chronicles

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

OGPlanet is known for its free-to-play games, and as of this week, there's another one on the table.

OGPlanet announced the launch of Lunia Chronicles on Tuesday. Lunia Chronicles is the story of the different races on the continent of Rodesia and their conflicts. Players can download the game and explore several different characters including Lime the Fighting Slime, friend and companion to Eir the Healing Princess. The official site carries a nice overview of the game's story and character histories, as well as tutorials on combat strategy and keyboard controls.

To get people playing and help celebrate the launch of their newest game, OGPlanet is offering up a nice incentive for those who check the game out. They're holding a 30-day launch event to celebrate. Players need to download the game and play to level 50 by December 16th (Yes, THIS December 16th), and they'll be entered in a drawing for a Dell XPS gaming laptop.

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