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Rumor: Wal-Mart's Black Friday deals [update]

Save has posted what it claims are Wal-Mart's Black Friday deals and, if accurate, there are some serious savings to be had. Probably the most prominent deal would be the doorbuster on Rock Band 2 Special Edition for PS3 or 360, which will net you the full band kit and the game for a paltry $50. Another impressive deal, shoppers can pick up a PS3, Infamous, "Batman" (Arkham Asylum, we're assuming) and a copy of The Dark Knight for $299. In comparison, the Xbox 360 gets the lukest of lukewarm bundles ever, an Xbox 360 Arcade unit complete with the Madagascar 2 game and both Madagascar movies on DVD.

Other deals include select console titles for between $7 and $25, select PC games for $25 and a $98 doorbuster on DS Lites (time to clear that stock, amirite?). Head over to GamerDeals for the full rundown. We were unable to confirm the deals with Wal-Mart, though we were told that the official Black Friday announcement will arrive on Monday, November 23.

Update: Scans of Wal-Mart's ad are online, confirming the deals on the list -- except for the Rock Band 2 deal, which is actually the first Rock Band Special Edition for $50.

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