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Sony planning to expand PSN infrastructure to non-game devices


A slide from Sony's Media & Investor Conference presentation today reveals plans for a "Sony Online Service" that features a single, convenient account for use with a variety of Sony devices. The slide shows plans for online services, built on the PSN infrastructure, for use with computers, TVs, phones, e-readers, and "New Mobile Products." The proposed system sounds more than doable, but something tells us we shouldn't hold our breath for expansive features. Cross-chat between devices? Not likely.

This unifying concept could be what Sir Howard Stringer was referring to earlier this year when he made cryptic references to expanding PSN beyond PS3. Of course, the PS3's installed base is no longer the bottleneck it once was (thanks, price drop!), but allowing more devices to download movies and other PSN content would naturally increase the potential for sales.

Source – "Media / Investor Conference - November 19th 2009" [PDF]

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