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Fallen Earth screenshot contest winners announced

Eliot Lefebvre

It's a beautiful day in the badlands, with the sun shining down on you unprotected in the wilderness, surrounded by horrible creatures and with only a few dozen bullets left before you are completely defenseless. What's not to be thankful for? Fallen Earth might not seem like the most appropriate setting for a Thanksgiving celebration, but the game recently held a screenshot contest for either what the player's character is thankful for or a "traditional" celebration in the wasteland. Yesterday, the winners were announced, with the top entries all receiving special in-game food that offers buffs and the essential proper nutrition for surviving the hostile environment. The first-place winner also receives a Fallen Earth t-shirt.

A small gallery is also available, with the three winners and the honorable mention available for viewing. It's not every game where appropriate holiday celebration includes heavily-armed men standing on a farm surrounded by corpses, but it works for Fallen Earth and should provide the game's players with some appropriate chuckles. Or, given the context, perhaps "inappropriate" is more apt.

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