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How would you change Motorola's CLIQ?

Darren Murph

It's a funny thing, the CLIQ. When it was introduced at a low-key press conference, the world gasped as the flagging handset maker finally made its first really bold move since the RAZR by ushering in its first-ever Android handset. Here we a few months later, and the only Android-based Moto that anyone's talking about is the Droid. That said, we're confident that a few of you T-Mobile loyalists are sticking to your guns (wouldn't want to get caught up in that whole Verizon / AT&T scuffle, now would you?), but moreover, we're certain that early CLIQ adopters have quite a bit to say now that the Droid is on the market. Is the CLIQ still living up to the hype? Are you still impressed with what it offers? What recommendations would you have for improving the next-generation? Feel free to spout off below, and hey, don't try to hide any lingering bitterness -- we won't look down on you for it.

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