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The Queue: But I'm not an alien!

Michael Sacco

Welcome back to The Queue,'s daily Q&A column where the team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mike Sacco will be your host today.

Guys, you're driving me crazy here. As part of my spiritual promotion to Junior Queue Guy I pick up The Queue on Fridays now and that means I scour Thursday's Queue for questions to answer. You'd think, with one hundred comments on yesterday's post, that there'd be something juicy in there, but you guys are on some kind of vision quest here because you keep asking questions that are impossible to answer! I don't know if goblins start with the bow skill. The Cataclysm alpha's not even out yet. Be a pal, readers; ask questions that don't require an interocitor to answer.

Now. We've got some questions from Twitter and yesterday's comments for you today. Shall we?

Hugsalot asked...

Will there be a waiting period for paid race change to a worgen or goblin when cataclysm first launches?

Chances are good. Blizzard will likely want enough time for someone to legitimately hit 80 on a worgen or goblin before they allow race changes. Expect it to be a few weeks.

Zayd wonders...

Was wondering if you guys had to guess when the expansion would drop...what date would you pick?
Spring, pre-BlizzCon. Judging by a lot of things, including the expansion's progress at BlizzCon '09, I anticipate the alpha will start soon, which is a good benchmark for how soon it'll be before the game goes retail.

Tom99k asked...

Will we ever get to hear Sacco "owning" the mic?

Only if you hang out in karaoke bars in Western Massachusetts.

Blightmare queries...

Will I still be able to roll a troll druid or human hunter without buying Cataclysm?

Hard to say. It's listed as an expansion feature, which normally means that someone without the expansion wouldn't have access to it, but so is Azeroth's remodeling and everyone will have access to that. I'm gonna take an educated guess and say no.

Dayninator asked...

I heard a while back about Wryxian saying we'd be able to send BoA items to opposite faction alts in 3.3. Is this still on track? And will we be able to mail across servers as well?
No word on mailing across servers, but CMs and devs have indicated that the ability to mail heirloom items cross-faction on the same server is going live in Patch 3.3.

Tarrowlyn wonders...

Why are death knights so hated now? I cant get my death knight in ANY pvp or raiding or even dungeon running guilds.
You can't take your particular experience as a commentary on the game as a whole, but there are any number of reasons why you're having trouble finding a spot in a guild. The proliferation of death knights means that lots of guilds have plenty of them, for example.

For dumb people, though, the death knight signifies the very worst of what I like to call the Blood Elf Persecution Syndrome, or BEPS, Because death knights are popular, that must mean that every death knight is a preteen, or a bad player, or someone who's not good enough to play a different class to 80 successfully. And they're wrong, of course, but like I said. People are dumb. Keep shopping around and you'll find a guild that fits for you.

Trijian asked...

What's the lore behind Deatholme in Ghostlands?

It was a former elven village that was taken over by Dar'Khan Drathir, the high elf traitor who let Arthas into Quel'Thalas. Its location and surrounding lore seems to indicate that it's the same village that Arthas destroyed in the WarCraft III mission Into The Realm Eternal.

Jegerpenge asked...

When are we getting the Onyxia pets?

A CM confirmed not too long ago that the pets will show up in your mailbox sometime late this month, so long as you keep logging in, of course.

Just_ma inquires:

What exactly is the explanation behind all human females being so ugly?

I dunno, man, I'm pretty partial to some of them. Gretchen Mol, for example, or Heidi Klum, or Norah Jones. All fine examples of the human female form. But I'm guessing that since you used the term "human female" you might be from a different planet, so that might be why you're having trouble with our gestalt human idea of beauty. I'm sure there are plenty of Klargax broodmothers in your hive that we wouldn't find very attractive, either.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column! Leave your questions in the comments and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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