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XOR's X02 Urban Transformer is more Vespa than Wheeljack

Tim Stevens

We can't all be a Witwicky, owning a badass robot able to change from sportscar to hulking humanoid. Some of us have to aim a little lower; enter the XOR X02 Urban Transporter. It's an electric scooter that can fold into a little cube for easy storage (shown after the break) and attaches to a luggage cart to be wheeled away -- just keep in mind that at 50kg (110lbs) it's not hardly suitable for overhead compartments. There are three models, the lowest being the X02-50 with a top speed of 37mph and a maximum range of about 40 miles. Highest spec is the X02-125, supposed to deliver performance like a 125cc scooter, a maximum speed of 65, and "impressive accelerations" -- performance comparable to the Zero S or Brammo Enertia. Charging takes just two hours and they actually don't look half bad, providing a nice mix of retro scooter and futuristic urban transporter. Just the same, you probably wouldn't want to show up at any robot uprisings on one.

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