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Around Azeroth: All heads must bow


Kensaij of <Modan Co> on Moon Guard wrote in in praise of a local guild's recent anniversary event. "I know that Moon Guard has a somewhat bad name, both amongst RPers and PvP/PvE-ers who don't RP," he writes. "But there is one guild who face the tides of griefers without fear, who show that good roleplaying is NOT dead: The Knights of Menethil. A guild of Death Knights who are not your cliché angsty villians, but dead heroes that still triumph, who press on while the living mourn their fallen brothers."

"On the 13th of November, they had their first anniversary, which they celebrated with a 35-man march, from the Ebon Hold to the ruins of Lordaeron where they paid tribute, to Southshore where they were greeted and saluted by Horde emissaries ... and finally Stormwind, where they once again pledged our loyalty to King Varian Wrynn (and afterwards they naturally had a rockin' ball with plenty of cupcakes, fireworks, ghouls and dancing ogres!)." Congratulations on the party, Knights of Menethil; it makes me almost want to come back to playing on MG.

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