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Massively to hold EVE Online contest this week, win copious amounts of game time

James Egan

In the time our columnist Brendan Drain and I have spent covering EVE Online for Massively, it's grown into one of the site's most popular game categories. With that in mind, we've decided to run a contest that's really a thank you to our readers who've been following along with our EVE coverage. CCP Games was kind enough to provide Massively's readers with 50 Pilot License Extensions (PLEX) as contest prizes which we'll give away over the next two weeks.

As most every EVE Online player knows, one PLEX = one month of game time, but is also a virtual item that can be bought and sold on the market in-game. Massively's EVE Online PLEX contest will actually give our readers two chances at winning -- once this week, and once next week, too. The first thing we must note is this contest will only be open to North American residents (U.S. and Canada, excluding Quebec). Sorry to our other readers abroad, but it's a legal thing. For everyone else who is eligible to enter, read on for more info:

"What will I need to do?"

When the contest post goes live, it won't be as simple as just firing off a quick comment to scream "First!". It's not first come, first served. We recognize that a number of EVE fans who read Massively are also talented writers, so this contest is really for you. We're going to pose a question to you related to the upcoming Dominion expansion, to be answered in 200 words or less. Your entry will be judged by the Massively staff on the merits of creativity and presentation. Once we announce the topic you'll have a few days to collect your thoughts and get your entry in. So, stay tuned this week.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever. So, what can I win for doing this?"

Glad you asked. How does 15 PLEX sound if you take first place? 15 months of game time is pretty sweet. The second place winner will get 10 PLEX, which we think is quite nice as well. We think a shot at 10 to 15 months of EVE play time for 200 of your finest words is a good tradeoff, and we hope many of you will join in. Like we said earlier, there will be two separate chances to win, details to be announced this week.

"What happens if I win? How will I get my PLEX?"

First and second place winners will be announced when the judging is complete, at which time Massively will contact you. Massively doesn't have the PLEX, so CCP Games will handle delivery of your winnings. If you've won, Massively will contact you to get your account name and which character you'd like to be the PLEX recipient. We will never ask you for a password. Once you give us your account/character names we'll let CCP Games know, and they'll give you the PLEX directly. That's it!


There's always someone, right? Here we go:

  • You'll have two chances to win a ton of PLEX (EVE Online game time), once this week and once next week.
  • On both occasions Massively will ask you a question about the Dominion expansion for EVE Online, which you'll need to answer in 200 words or less.
  • If your entry is good enough to take first prize (judged on creativity and presentation), you'll win 15 PLEX. The second prize winner will receive 10 PLEX.
  • We'll provide the contest rules and details (in all their legalese glory) in the actual contest post that will pop up on the site this week, so keep your eyes open!
Hint: You'll have a heads up on when the contest goes live by following @massively on Twitter, and I'll tweet this on my own @jamesegan account as well. You can also subscribe to our EVE Online RSS feed to keep current.

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