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Black Wii, holiday demand lead to big sales boost in Europe


The black Wii system, originally released concurrently with Monster Hunter Tri in Japan, is now in stores across Europe. And Nintendo is doing its best to keep it there, despite increased demand. According to MCV, demand for the console has risen 60% in the last week, and distributor is working "round the clock" to keep shipments going briskly.

"Of course it would be wrong to attribute all of this to Black Wii as we're all starting to see a natural peak season uplift on all hardware," senior Nintendo product manager Rob Lowe said. But Wii sales have apparently doubled following the release of the smart-looking black system. And, Lowe reminds buyers, "It is a limited edition version of the console so currently we only have plans for it to be available in 2009." That should have some effect on demand as well.

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