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Capcom: 'No plans' for RE5 DLC on PC


When the new "Gold Edition" content for Capcom's oh-my-god-get-it-off-me-em-up, Resident Evil 5, was announced for consoles, PC players were feeling left outside the Spencer Mansion. G4 got in touch with Capcom to find out why the PC version wasn't listed as a platform for the new episodes and costumes, to which Capcom responded it had "no plans for PC at this point."

The snub strikes us as odd, considering Capcom's continued support for its biggest games -- including Street Fighter IV, Bionic Commando and even RE5 -- on the PC platform throughout this year and into 2010 with Lost Planet 2, Dark Void and Dead Rising 2. What's the matter, Capcom -- did the extras train derail at Weird Costume Gulch?

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