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LittleBigPlanet Creator's Edition DLC delayed, producer apologizes

Budding LittleBigPlanet PSP level designers who invested in the game's Creator's Edition were promised exclusive DLC via a redemption code included in the package; however, technical issues have made the content unavailable, according to senior producer Mark Green. In a letter posted on the PlayStation UK blog, Green apologized for the "technical hurdles," promising the content would release in early December with additional bonuses, as an apology for the wait.

"We need to ensure that these issues are resolved properly so that you have the best possible experience with the game," Green wrote. The content is currently undergoing a "rigorous" quality assurance process and should be made available around December 7 -- unless other hurdles come up. So, just a few more weeks until Creator's Edition players are able to develop their exclusive (and probably phallic) levels.

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