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Miyamoto thinks his college degree wouldn't get him a job at Nintendo today


In the upcoming issue of Edge Magazine, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto discusses a variety of topics with the UK gaming magazine. Develop Online got their hands on a copy of the magazine already, revealing a rather ... revealing quote from the father of Donkey Kong. "Nintendo has become one of those companies that graduates from colleges and good universities really want to work for ... I often say to [Nintendo head] Mr. Iwata: 'If I was applying for a job here today, I, with my actual college degree, would probably not have been employed by Nintendo."

Though he adds that he "might pick up on [applicants] and try to find out something really different within them which you can't judge just by a college degree," it worries us greatly that today's equivalent of the man who helped to birth some of the game industry's landmark franchises may end up unemployed or even dissuaded from game development altogether. All alone! Without a home! We imagine somewhat like a rolling stone!

... Our apologies. That was quite enough.

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