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Revenge of the Wounded Dragons side-scrolling onto PSN tomorrow, Nov. 24


A few days after its mysterious appearance on the ESRB database, the Sony Online Entertainment–published Revenge of the Wounded Dragons has been fully revealed -- and it's coming out this week. Tomorrow, in fact! Developed by A2M-owned Wanako Games, Wounded Dragons wears its inspirations on its sleeve, with a rescue-your-girlfriend story straight out of Double Dragon and single-file waves of enemies à la Kung Fu.

Wounded Dragons appears to feature a more involved combo system than its forebears, though, along with modern niceties like Trophies, custom soundtracks and leaderboards. Like NES fighters, however, the game is limited to local play -- yes, despite, ironically, being published by SOE. Revenge of the Wounded Dragons will be released on the PlayStation Store tomorrow, November 24, for $9.99. Hit the break to watch the trailer.

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