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    Stylophone Beatbox electronic beats machine hands-on


    We've seen the pros effortlessly tapping away classic tunes on the Stylophone Beatbox, so naturally we had to give it a shot for our faithful readers. Essentially the Beatbox is a portable electronic musical instrument that activates when the stylus contacts the metallic pad. For us the functions were pretty straight-forward to use -- there's a sliding switch for the three sound packs, a loop tool with record and play controls, a volume dial, a loop playback speed dial and a tuning dial underneath. We dig the loop function, but sometimes the Beatbox struggled to reproduce multiple effects at any instance, which is probably why the famed Brett Domino got help in his video. Another issue was that we had to tap fairly hard to get a response, and while you can isolate the tapping noise by plugging in your headphones, your hands would still quickly grow tired from the rapid beats. Of course, you can always cheat by putting in a sample loop via the "MP3" port, but where's the fun in that? Enjoy our amateurish electronic beatboxing after the break -- just promise you won't laugh. Deal?

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