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Tesla guitarist reveals 'Modern Day Cowboy' headed for Guitar Hero 6

Rockers of the classic '80s band Tesla claim to be included in the yet-to-be announced (but you totally saw it coming) Guitar Hero 6. In an interview with Brave Words & Blood Knuckles, guitarist Dave Rude revealed "Modern Day Cowboy" -- from the band's 1986 debut album Mechanical Resonance -- will be included in the music title. Rude noted the song was one of three suggestions the band made to Activision when they were pursued to be included.

While some (completely talentless) acts have decried the popularity of music games such as Guitar Hero, Rude feels the genre is an important step for up-and-coming rockers. "I think it's a good thing," Rude said. "Even if people don't learn to play guitar, it's exposing them to all sorts of cool guitar-based music that they wouldn't have ever heard otherwise." You hear that Kroeger? Stop crying ... and writing the same song over and over and over again.

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