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15 Minutes of Fame: Vive la resistance Part 2


Is it is even possible to have world PvP without getting rapidly overwhelmed?

World PvP is there, if you know where to look. If you find out what the daily Heroic is, chances are the summoning stone is going to be controlled by Horde. If you want PvP, hit it up and make them work for those groups. Last week I took a Heroic group into AN and OK and on the way out saw a group of Horde. We charged and then kept the Horde from the summoning stone for a good 20 minutes or so. Of course, numbers outmatch skill, and we were soon overrun.

What proportion of the players who rerolled or transferred over would you estimate are still active today?

I would have to say around 75 percent of the people that I rerolled with are still here. Of course, a few of them have left the server for greener pastures or have faction-changed to Horde. We have our fair share of tourists (those people who are all about it, roll on the server -- then see that it truly is dead and leave), though. We also have our fair share of level 1 Trade trolls telling us how badly our server sucks. I personally came for the challenge, as did many others, and a challenge it has been. Overall though, it's been "fun," and that's what this game is all about.

Tell us a little bit about how all the Alliance guilds interact today. What's the overall sense of community like?

The Resistance was a great idea. It brought attention to this server and got many of us to reroll. The interaction today, though, is a bit broken. We've already had a large guild drama session play out on our forums regarding raiding. Its seems that if you can't progress to Anub'arak (hard modes) within a month of hitting 80, you're obviously doing it wrong. The community is strained right now, and it's difficult to keep a positive attitude about it. If you join into WG late and aren't part of the premade, you are torn apart by the trolls. If you don't care about raiding, you are torn apart by the elite.

Some of us keep trying to tell everyone that we don't have the membership to be able to be elitist, but it's bound to happen (and is). This in turn just makes it harder to get things going ... which in turn brings down the community ... which in turn makes people wonder why they play on Cho'gall ... which in turns starts the whole cycle over ... A few of us try to keep a positive face against all the negativity, because I've seen this community band together, and it's an awesome thing to be a part of.

What would help the Alliance the most at this point: Rerolls? Transfers? Entire guild transfers?

More rerolls are always a good thing, but I don't think it's the answer. Too many people don't have the patience to wait for people to go through 80 levels of content, get geared up and then start raiding. "I want my ice cream, and I want it NOW" seems to be the prevalant attitude in WoW.


I think transfers would help the situation if Blizzard would open Alliance-only transfers from ALL servers to Cho'gall, close off character creation for Horde (unless you already have a Horde on the server) and close off faction changing DURING and for a month or two AFTER the transfers.

So what about you? How has the situation affected your own enjoyment of the game?

It hasn't affected it much. I get enjoyment out of this game just playing it, whether that be in a group of five people tromping through a heroic, a group of 10 of us heading into somewhere and slaying a dragon, or even 25 of us heading somewhere and taking down a boss. My enjoyment comes from the interaction between the people.

What's your outlook today?

As frustrating as it is, I can't force people to do things or to care about this or that. This experience with you guys has shoved that home for me. I figured Alliance would jump on the opportunity to get our story out and have people learn about our plight and possibly join us. They all talk about it, but when it comes to action ... Well ... You're met with silence.

I stay optimistic -- how can you not be, when you're outnumbered by thousands? Unlike some, I try not to dwell on the negativity of the situation. Where some people see thousands of deaths at the hands of the Horde, I see thousands of new HKs.

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