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ArcherMind shows off 'world's first' Android-based in-car nav system

Darren Murph

One could argue that the Motorola Droid is in fact the first-ever Android-based in-car navigation solution, but we're surmising that ArcherMind would disagree. Over at the Embedded Technology 2009 trade show in Yokohama, the outfit has demonstrated an Android-laden navigation system that could actually be inserted as a factory option; curiously enough, it looks an awful lot like the AutoLinQ initiative that hit our radar back in June. The outfit is reportedly shopping the system -- which includes a 7-inch, 800 x 480 display -- to a variety of Chinese automakers, and given that it can browse the web via WiFi or 3G, connect with music players and phones over Bluetooth and even play back audio files stored on the HDD or SD slot, we can't imagine it being a tough sell.

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