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Bayonetta's dancing is really 'sexy'


Did you think the footage of Bayonetta summoning intricate torture devices was disturbing? Wait until you see this context-free prototype dancing footage, featuring everyone's favorite giant witch cutting a motion-captured rug (after the break). We don't know if it's the fact that the animations have yet to be finalized in this sequence, or if it's the idea of Bayonetta taking a break from her brutal revenge quest to get down, or if it's simply Bayonetta's flagrantly inhuman body proportions, but yikes.

What kind of touch-ups did Platinum do after this prototype stage? " ... on Kamiya-san's orders," animator Uchi says, "we accentuated the movements of her waist and butt to make it over-the-top in the sexiness department." You'd have to accentuate the hell out of those movements to go from that to "sexy."

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