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Nokia's 6700 slide and 7230 make up in price what they lack in excitement

Chris Ziegler

No one's going to accuse Nokia of going after the high end, the fanboys and girls, or the fashionistas with its latest pair, but they've got at least two things going for 'em: 3G and blowout pricing. Starting on the left, the S60-powered 6700 slide marks a distinct break for the company, shedding its tradition of Xpress-on cover compatibility for permanent shells available in six loud shades; it's supposedly pretty tiny (Nokia touts that it'll fit "in even the smallest pocket or bag") and still manages to offer up a 5 megapixel cam with Carl Zeiss optics. Next, the 7230 (pictured right) kicks up the style a notch (okay, really, they just rounded the edges and chromed them up) and offers a 3.2 megapixel camera to go along with its 2.4-inch display. Look for them both to hit retail in the first quarter of next year for around €160 and €100 ($240 and $150) respectively.

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