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Square Enix doing CG cinematics for Deus Ex 3, interested in Thief 4


"Deus Ex 3 is going to be the first project which will be a concrete product of joint effort between Square Enix and Eidos," said Stephane D'Astous, general manager of Eidos Montreal. Not to be confused with that other first collaboration between the two, the devs in Tokyo will take care of any CGI cutscenes in the upcoming threequel, while D'Astrous confirmed to Edge that the duty of putting together enticing trailers and the game's intro cinematic will also fall on the CGI-smiths at Square Enix.

D'Astrous says Square Enix was excited to contribute, also expressing interest in Thfourteeneff. It should provide a nice change of scenery for Square Enix, though we're sure it'll find a spot to squeeze in a silver-haired, effeminate hero or three.

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