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    TurpsterVision: This drink's on me!

    Mark Turpin

    We can't believe it either – Turpster has been let loose on to bring you videos from in and around the World of Warcraft! You've heard him on the WoW Insider Show, and now see him on TurpsterVision right here on

    It's been far too long. I've been playing loads of games in-between knuckling down with some university work, I've constructed a website for a Bristol based landscape gardener, and I've been on a couple of different podcasts. Yet with all this I've missed out on gracing the net with's number 1 Video Podcast! In the immortal words of Tychus J. Findlay, 'Hell, it's about time!'

    But I wouldn't just return to your screens empty handed, oh no, I come bearing gifts! A mighty tankard overflowing with ale -- at least it could be if you are lucky enough to win it and fill it with some booze or other beverage of your choosing.

    The stein itself is a beautiful piece of art and construction. To really enjoy the details, check out the gallery below the break.

    It's good to be back.

    Gallery: Rise of the Lich King Stein from | 5 Photos

    So just to go over the contest once again (or for the few of you who are honestly too lazy to click play on the video) all you have to do is to send me a Twitter message prefixed with '@The_T' and including the phrase 'I wanna get tanked with Turpster' before Tuesday 1st December 11:59pm GMT. A winner will be chosen at random after this time, please don't enter more than once, otherwise you will be disqualified from winning. Also please ensure you are following me on Twitter at the time of the contest end as I will contact you via Direct Message to notify you. This is open to anyone and everyone (Non-USA residents rejoice!) and I will do my best to get the Rise of the Lich King stein out to you before the 25th of December.

    The logo covered it on the video, but if you want to come and have a few rounds with me on Modern Warfare 2 on the PS3 then make sure to add The_T_UK to your friends. I warn you though, I am very, very bad.

    Stay tuned to the site as I have not one, but two great new products to show you -- excited doesn't quite cover how I am feeling!

    Check out more of Turpster's work, from his WoW parody songs to TV previously on, not forgetting everyone's favorite podcast 'The WoW Insider Show' and of course, TurpsterVision right here on! Oh and by the way, It's his Birthday today!

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