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VUDU updates keep rolling by integrating Wikipedia

Ben Drawbaugh

The VUDU web based architecture is evidently really paying off, because this makes the third VUDU update in the last month. The company tells us that since its UI is pulled from the web like any other website, it can continue to easily roll out updates. This week's addition is a welcomed one, as we'll no longer have to reach for our computer or handheld just to look up the details of a movie on Wikipedia. But what's even more useful is the fact that you can browse beyond the movie's Wikipedia entry to the actor's pages, etc., and links are even added so you can quickly get back to actor's list of movies available on VUDU. We haven't been able to try this for ourselves yet, but it does sound like something we'd find useful. Of course the only thing left to add now that Wikipedia and Rotten Tomatoes are accounted for is IMDB, which can't be far behind -- right, VUDU? There's one more screen cap of the new feature after the jump.

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