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WoW Moviewatch: Azerothian Super Villains - Episode 7


This is a movie that will bring screams of joy to many of you. Ian Beckman has released Azerothian Super Villains - Episode 7. Kael'thas continues to be the mainstay of the series, with his trademark voice and childish antics. Little shivers of glee still shoot up and down my spine at Beckman's masterful portrayal of the Dark Belf Lord.

My favorite part of this episode is the Team Rocket parody. Something about Arthas leading his team in a cute little poem just feels right. While I'm not foolish enough to believe Blizzard would include such a thing in Icecrown Citadel, you better believe that poem's going to be in my head every time I show down against him.

The story progresses fairly well, with the old gang reunited by the end. I don't know. I love all of the characters, but Kael'thas steals the show to such an amazing degree that I sometimes feel like Illidan is hogging the Dark Belf Lord's limelight. The final teaser does seem to promise more in the future for Kael'thas, so here's hoping the next installment isn't too far off.

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