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CloudNine open beta starts today

Looking for a new game to pass the hours while pre-cooking all the treats for your Thanksgiving feast? Perhaps you're just looking for a shiny new free-to-play title to check out since you're saving your pennies for Christmas. If you're all about the fantasy genre and dig the idea of special monster systems like Monster Card collection, Monster Taming/Riding, and some mysterious thing they call the "Monster Transformation system" then this may well be a game worth checking out. CloudNine, the MMO that touts all these monstrous new ideas, is entering open beta today.

NETGAME, the US distributor of this MGame MMO describe the world as being "based on the conflicts between two nations; Primus Union who fights for loyalty and Ganav Libero who fights for freedom." Also, they note that they'll be starting with a wide range of in-game events and items beginning November 25th, which sounds promising for those of us who love live beta events. So if the idea of spending all day tomorrow staring at Great Aunt Bertha over a plate of dry turkey and gelatinous can-shaped cranberry sauce doesn't appeal, then get your client download started and head over to the CloudNine site to sign up.

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