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Gravitate to Halfbrick's newest PSP Mini, Blast Off

Listen, you're going to need a solid handheld game if you're going to survive tomorrow's family-fueled Thanksgiving festivities. You know, something discreet you can hide under the table, or perhaps behind a towering pile of yams. Indie developer Halfbrick has you covered -- the studio released its second PSP Mini onto the PSN yesterday: An "interstellar arcade game" titled Blast Off.

The game, which arrived on the PSN storefront for the bargain price of $2.99, places you behind the controls of a rocket ship. Whilst piloting said spacecraft, you must navigate through the gravitational fields of planets, asteroids and black holes to rescue lost astronauts. It sounds like an neat little diversion to help you get through the post-pumpkin pie family bonding time.

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