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LessLoss BlackBody: improve your sound for just $959 and your sense of reason

Nilay Patel

The high-end audio market has always been more about marketing than about music, but it's hard to say if we've ever seen a product as phenomenally insane as the LessLoss BlackBody, a $959 block of metal that designer Louis Motek says "takes advantage of the quantum nature of particle interaction" to improve your stereo's sound quality by simply being in the same room. How? "Your gear's radiation is transformed into room-temperature blackbody radiation." Yeah -- and that's just the tip of this crazy iceberg. We can't say we believe it for a second, but LessLoss says that the BlackBody is so effective at altering "electromagnetic ambient conditions" that the quality improvement is obvious to "even non-audiophiles" listening to "a noisy home PC playing through your average SoundBlaster." That sounds like a challenge to us -- hit us up, LessLoss.

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