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Reminder: It came from the Blog Pilgrim Party tonight


You are cordially invited to party like a Pilgrim tonight with It came from the Blog! Here are the details:
  • When: 11pm EST (8pm PST, 9pm Server time) Wednesday, November 25th
  • Where: Meet at the Ruins of Lordaeron (Undercity) on Zangarmarsh (U.S.)
  • Who: Any Horde character of any level. No mounts required.
  • How: Ask Robinator, Robinella, Robiness or any It came from the Blog Lurker or above for an invite to the guild.
  • What: We will be gaining some Pilgrim's Bounty Achievements: Food Fight!, Sharing is Caring and Pilgrim's Paunch.
Robinator will be providing ports to each city (as long as I don't just port myself like I did the other night), so there will be no need for mounts or flightpaths. We may have a few bloggers join us for the fun and we also may (no guarantees) give out some loot codes. Regardless, we should have a good time filling up the tables and throwing food at each other while spamming up guildchat with Achievements.

If you have any questions about our guild, please see our FAQ. Hope to see you there!

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