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Cignias NAO Symphony iPod speaker enables WiFi control with iPhone and BlackBerry


You know what's annoying? Having to get up and walk all the way to your iPod dock to pick a song. Sure, there's the good old remote control these days, but you'd still need to squint at the tiny screen from afar if you want any modicum of song control. The couch potatoes at Cignias probably felt the same pain and thus came up with the free MusicNAO app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and BlackBerry, allowing you to control and browse content over WiFi on the iPod docked on NAO Symphony speakers. It doesn't end there: you can also stream music from the latest iPhone OS devices over Bluetooth, and the same goes for BlackBerry phones but with the addition of WiFi streaming. There's no word on the sound quality yet, but the adventurous among you can pre-order a NAO Symphony for $249 ahead of its December 1st launch.

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