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Take your apps to the table with these iPhone icon coasters

John Burke

With over 100,000 applications available, there's no shortage of ways people are using the iPhone's features. But how about on the coffee table or in the dining room?

A new website is offering sets of coasters featuring the iPhone's default application icons. According to the website, the coasters are genuine app icon enlargements from the iPhone 1.1.4 firmware. They also have a non-slip cork backing and are heat resistant. If you or someone you know is a big iPhone lover, this would be a great one to add to the holiday wish list. is offering three sets including:
  • "Core Apps" featuring SMS, Calendar, Phone, Mail, Safari and iPod
  • "Home Apps" featuring Notepad, Settings, Camera, Calculator, Clock and Address Book
  • "Media Apps" featuring Maps, YouTube, Stocks, Video, Weather and Photos
The three "sets" each retail for around $19 USD. Here's some shots of the coasters:

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Thanks to Chris Pirillo

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