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Jagex gets RuneScape fraudster arrested in the UK

For quite some time now cheating in an MMO generally only carried with it the repercussion of a virtual slap on the hand. Fake someone out of an item or two, and a GM might intervene, take the stuff and suspend your account. Do something against the terms of service and generally speaking, one might get an account ban. For many farmers and internet fraudsters, this really didn't seem to be much of a deterrent. Just start up a new account and off you go again, taking virtual items, breaking TOS/EULAs, or bilking people for money. Well, that is until now.

According to Jagex Games Studio, not content to simply run the cheaters out of RuneScape, actually managed to successfully work with the Police Central e-Crime Unit in the UK to run down an online thief in the real world. The 23-year-old man was reportedly tied to a recent rash of account phishing scams according to an investigation, for which he was arrested. Furthermore, Jagex says that not only are they working with the PCeU overseas, but also with the FBI in the United States. Whether or not other MMO companies will follow this lead and start to chase down the Internet fraudsters plaguing their games for prosecution remains to be seen, but it's definitely worth reading the entire story for Jagex's side of things.

[Via PlayNoEvil]

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