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It came from the Blog: We partied like pilgrims


Last Wednesday night, It came from the Blog got together to Party like Pilgrims. We got some Pilgrim's Bounty achievements and won some loot. Unfortunately, the Guild Roster gets buggy when there are more than 500 members. So I don't know exactly how many showed up, but I estimate it at around 240 over the course of the event.

Blog Overlords Adam Holisky, Michael Gray, Matt Low and Kelly Aarons were there. Adam held a trivia quiz and gave out some loot codes to speedy contestants. And, of course, I was there, but I am the brood Blog Mother. We had a great time and really enjoyed running around with everyone. And of course, we took pictures.

We have more events planned soon. Expect a Battleground Bonanza, a Hogger/Faire excursion and some Feast of Winter Veil fun all in December. We hope you'll join us!

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