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Navigon submits significant update to app store

Mel Martin

I love the iPhone navigation app competition that's taking place. Navigon has sent Apple a rather nifty update that adds some unique features that are sure to please current owners and perhaps entice those still on the fence about getting some kind of GPS technology for their iPhone. The Navigon MobileNavigator app [iTunes link] is on sale through today for U.S. $69.99

Here are the goodies on the way:

  • Enhanced Pedestrian Mode: It features a new user interface and uses the digital compass built into the iPhone 3GS. The map now automatically moves with the user making it easy to recognize in which direction to walk.
  • Google Local Search: Users can easily find their way to new places. Simply entering "steak Chicago," for example, provides a comprehensive list of steak restaurants in the Windy City. By clicking on one of the search results, users are guided to the destination.
  • Navigate by Geographical Coordinates: Navigate using latitude and longitude, and email those coordinates to others.
The Google search capability should be most welcome. With all the POI data on the iPhone, Navigon MobileNavigator and other competitors often don't have up-to-date destination information. By allowing a data exchange over the cellular network, you'll have the latest information.

Depending on the approval process, Navigon users should get the free update soon. We'll test it all as soon as we can get it in our anxious little hands.

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