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Sonic fans asking for relief


No, not from Sonic games! Earlier this year, the fans at The Sonic Stadium held Sonic Relief 2009, an event through which the forces of Sonic fan art were used for good. The group has announced a second Sonic Relief drive for 2010, promising donations to charity for each work of Sonic fan art submitted.

The group is also asking for fans to use their creativity in another way: by planning their own Sonic-related fundraisers and adding the donations to the main total. This is where your "Watch Me Play Sonic Riders" marathon comes in. "Alternatively," the organizers note, "this system will also allow anyone to just simply make a donation should they wish!" This is where the proceeds from selling your copy of Sonic Riders come in.

It's nice to be reminded that fans can band together for something other than boycotts. The drive will run from January to March.

[Via Sonic City Blognik]

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