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Spike VGA's second 'mystery' teaser

And there it is, people: The second "mystery" teaser for this year's Spike VGA award show, shown first here on Joystiq. (The first, you'll recall, was 2K Games' franchise reboot of Spec Ops). Since we don't have any insider info on the developer or the publisher behind the game, we'll simply share what we know: This is a new, unannounced game that will be revealed for the first time at the VGAs; the trailer's narration is delivered by a "well-known actor" (Tom Wilkinson?); and the reveal at the VGAs will have actual gameplay.

Share your best educated guesses in the comments below and we'll bubble the best to the top. We'll start you out: That's a Hong Kong police badge, so we're saying True Crime 3: Hong Kong.

[Update: Internet sleuth superannuation posits that this mystery title is none other than Black Lotus, the as-of-yet-unnamed Activision-published, United Front-developed action title announced earlier this year. Just about the only thing we know about the project on the record is that it's "a new action-based game set in Hong Kong" by the studio working on ModNation Racers. Do we have a winner?]

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