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Amazon lists Uncharted/DualShock 3 combo pack


Look, if for some crazy reason you've still not gotten yourself a DualShock 3 and, even crazier, haven't played through Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, then you might want to check out this Amazon bundle -- which is set to release December 15.

For $60, you'll get a black DualShock 3 controller and experience every earth-shaking explosion in Nathan Drake's first adventure through glorious rumble or -- given the time of year -- gift your procrastinator friend or loved one with one sweet bundle, granted they haven't already acquired a new console in the last year or a new PS3 Slim.

There's no word whether Sony will offer other bundles and together the two will only save you $7 right now (Amazon is pricing the game at $27 and the controller at $40), but we still wouldn't suggest playing Uncharted without a DualShock 3. What are you, some chump on the street not getting the fullest from your games? No, you hold yourself to a higher standard.

[Thanks, Yingerman!]

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