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Exporting all of your playlist names to a text file

Sang Tang

The ability to sync albums artists didn't exist prior to iTunes 9.0. My workaround to sync albums was is to create album-based playlists with the following nomenclature: artist - album. This has also made it easy for me to burn CDs of albums, as I could just navigate to a playlist and click on the "burn" button.

If you manage your iTunes library like this, and would like a way to export your playlists to a text file (to share your album collection with your friends and whatnot), then the Playlist Names to Text File AppleScript may do the trick for you. To install the script, first download it and then place it in your [username]/Library/iTunes/Scripts/ folder.

After running the script, you're presented the option of whether or not you want to save a text file with the names of all the playlists (and folders) in your iTunes library. Playlist Names to Text File is available as a free download on Doug's Scripts site, though I'm sure Doug will certainly appreciate any donations.

2009 for me wasn't very musically exciting. To make up for lost time, I'll be embarking on a journey to listen to 52 albums in 52 weeks during 2010. But I can't do this without "a little help from my friends," who'll be reviewing my album list and make some recommendations.

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