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Not getting up: Ecko's Macbeth game dispatched


Seeing as how the whole "Macbeth with gunz" thing has already been done (see: movie starring Aussie heartthrob Sam Worthington, above), we're ever so curious to learn more about Marc Ecko's canned game concept for a "completely re-imagined Macbeth." Unfortunately, the famed clothing designer -- turned failed game designer -- has his lips sealed. "I don't want to give it away," Ecko told Destructoid, after admitting that the rumored project was at least, in some form, quite real.

Sadly, we're left to contemplate what could have been from a single, proposed gameplay mechanic: "cutting people's heads off." Surely, Shakespeare's inclusion of only one, climactic beheading -- and "off stage" at that -- in the accepted original Macbeth was merely a limitation of the special effects of the playwright's day. Just imagine how much more epic Renaissance works could be as video games ... Oh, right.

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