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Time Warner wants to know if it should get tough about rate hikes

Ben Drawbaugh

In a time when technology gets cheaper and cheaper, no one likes to pay more for the same thing and the most infamously cheap -- when it comes to paying for programming -- cable provider is looking for your support. You see, cable companies are like most corporations in America, they don't really produce anything as much as they market and mark up other people's work, so when the actual content producers like Fox, Disney/ABC and Universal increase the price of its content, those costs get passed onto your cable bill. Now Time Warner realizes it's stuck in between a rock and a hard place facing the decision to not carry your favorite show, or raise your rates -- because we know the cost isn't going to come out of the profits -- it hopes to gain your support to get tough with the providers by launching a new site where you can vote. We're really not sure what the answer is on this one, but we do wish the content producers weren't allowed to bundle channels, that way when Time Warner Cable decided to hold out on USA HD, it wouldn't also mean we couldn't watch Syfy HD.

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