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ASUS Eee PC Seashell 2 spotted with removable battery, pretty in pink styling

Tim Stevens

We've seen ASUS playing with various textures on its Seashell line before, but we haven't seen anything quite this... dramatic from the company before. It's the Eee PC 1008P, the Seashell 2 not due to be unveiled until CES, but these images captured by HardwareZone give us plenty of info to tide us over. Inside that charmingly garish exterior (designed by Karim Rashid) is Intel's Pine Trail architecture with an N450 processor, the standard 1GB of RAM, and 160GB of storage. There's now room for a removable battery, hidden behind a cover and sliding out the side, the VGA port is provided by what looks to be a mini-USB adapter nestled in the bottom, and all the other ports are tucked away behind little doors that look prone to snapping off given the slightest provocation. That's all we know for now, but we should be bringing you much, much more info about this one in about a month's time.

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