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Report: Wii parts production shrinks


A slowdown in Wii production can only mean one thing: Nintendo has cured the injured, ailing and aged -- there's no more work left to be done. While saving the world proved vastly lucrative for Nintendo, it also benefited the manufactures behind the scenes; or, as we like to call them, the magic makers. Nikkei reports that Wii parts suppliers, Mitsumi Electric Co. and Hosiden Corp., have significantly reduced their yearly profits forecasts following a decrease in orders to assemble Wii consoles.

Mitsumi predicts its net profits will fall 52 percent year-over-year to ¥5.3 billion ($61.2 million), down from the previously projected ¥7 billion. Hosiden expects a similar drop, from the forecast ¥7.5 billion down to ¥6 billion. These percentage changes are eerily similar to the figure reported in Nintendo's half-year results, posted at the end of October. Are the numbers trying to tell us something? Yep, there's still plenty of money being made and, apparently, more world to save.

[Via MarketWatch]

Source – "As Wii Stumbles, Parts Suppliers' Earnings Tumble" [; subscription required]

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