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The Daily Grind: What games can you just not stand?

Eliot Lefebvre

We all have games we love, that's a given. But some of us also have games that we have a deep and abiding resentment toward. Maybe you were so disappointed with Champions Online that now even the mention of the game gets you annoyed. You might have disliked the grind in Aion to the point where you're actively happy to hear about people unsubscribing from it. Or maybe you're annoyed at World of Warcraft being as huge as it is and want it taken down a few pegs. Even as you know it's silly to dislike something that brings people happiness (we hope you do, at least), we can't help but do it here and there.

As long as we're getting things off our chests lately, here's the question: what game do you just not like? You don't play it if you ever did, you have no real investment in its success or failure... but you really just plain dislike it. Do you dislike it because of changes, because of what you think its presence did to other games, or just for silly personal reasons that you know are ridiculous but you can't help?

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