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Capcom porting Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney to iPhone


The Wii isn't the only new venue into which Phoenix Wright is expanding his legal business. Today, at the Apple Store in Ginza, Capcom revealed a version of the first Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for iPhone and iPod Touch. It uses the same unaltered Game Boy Advance graphics that have graced the DS and WiiWare versions, along with new "flick"-based controls. Finally, a device that can both play the game and the Steel Samurai ringtone!

Capcom didn't offer date or price details for the release. For reference, the WiiWare version of the first episode is priced at 900 Wii Points in Japan (with a 300-point charge for the extra fifth case) and 1,000 in North America (with the last case as a 100-point download).

[Via Andriasang]

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