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Congrats to our Creative headset winners

Mike Schramm

A couple of weeks ago, we announced a huge contest with Creative to give away twenty-five of their new World of Warcraft wireless headsets, one for each person in one big lucky raid. That contest has been over for a little bit, and we've finally picked a winner: congrats to all of the winners in the guild Rusty Blades on Cenarion Circle! They, along with the nine random winners in each of our single headset giveaways, as well as the lucky winners in the five man contest (who've all been contacted and confirmed) will all get their very own units when the headsets are finally released later on this month.

And if you didn't win, don't worry -- Creative will of course be selling the headsets, so you can make sure to put them on your Christmas list, and maybe a loved one will help you out. The latest that we've heard is that they're still due out for release sometime this month, so stay tuned and when we know more about the release, you will too. Since our 25-man contest was actually a bit of a trivia contest as well (guilds had to find five locations in-game and then take pictures at each place), we've put the Rusty Blades' excellent answers after the break. Hopefully you haven't been wondering desperately about the answers for the last month but in case you were, there you go.

Here's our questions:

Pose your team in front of something that's older than dirt:
The relic in Wintergrasp (try not to get hurt).

Kill the orc who used to hold in his hand
that old instance key quest called Blackhand's Command.

The game that Blizzard had to finally decline:
Go and find the secret Nova's shrine.

This old dog has got a new plan of attack:
Shadowfang Keep was only a setback.

Heroes and monsters frozen by a terrible spell,
Forever to stand where Thorim's hammer fell.

And their answers:

1. It's the Titan Relic you have to capture in Wintergrasp, inside the innermost room of the fortress

2. It's the Scarshield Quartermaster in Blackrock Spire, close to the entrance to UBRS. The Blackhand's Command was necessary to get attuned to BWL.

3. There's a hidden shrine in Netherstorm, Outlands. You can only reach it via a flying mount. It's a reference to NOVA, the lead character of the Starcraft Ghost game that got cancelled in development.

4. This is a reference to Arugal. Formerly (and still currently?) the end boss of Shadowfang Keep, he's also to be found on an island off the coast of Grizzly Hills, in spirit form.

5. Thunderfall, in Storm Peaks.

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Sounds good to us. Congrats again!

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